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Wild garlic Falafel

This is a quick easy cheats way to make Falafel, using all dry ingredients, no soaking or grating. To create texture in the absence of all the labour, it is essential to add baking soda and hot water because the bubbles make the mix lighter and less ‘pastey’. When you quenelle it then the bubbles leave a rough edge on the falafel which crisps up beautifully.

  By Annie

Forage Bhaji’s

A Cornish Twist on an Asian favourite! The Onion Bhaji, which has been a staple food enjoyed as a quick snack, or as an accompaniment to a banquet, all over the world has had a Cornish revamp with a variety of woodland, hedgerow and coastal forage. They are economical and quick and easy to make, if you’ve never made one before, get stuck in!

  By Annie

Pickled Rock Samphire

The unique flavour of Rock Samphire is perfect for pickling.
It can take strong vinegar and spices, but doesn’t need them.
Delicious with cold meats and cheeses!

  By Annie

Sea Beet Bhaji’s

quick and easy tasty snacks!

  By Annie

Lance Leaf Plantain and Wild Mushroom Broth

This stock base is ideal to use as a base stock. For pasta and risotto dishes. The plantain gives it an almost deep Cepe flavour.

Recipe created by Executive Chef РAllister Bishop of South Sands

  By Allister

Nettle Soup

Get your gloves on to forage for wild plants like nettles – once cooked they have a spinach or cabbage flavour – BBC Good Food

  By admin